Cinema in the Digital Age



Film-Philosophy - philosophical review of film studies and world cinema
senses of cinema - devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema
Offscreen - essays, articles, and reviews published monthly
cinetext - film & philosophy
Schnitt - Das Filmmagazin (German)
Revolver - Zeitschrift für Film (German)

Online Distribution

Atom Films - popular short film program - "IFILM is the leading authority and directory for the emerging world of Internet film"
Moving Image Collections - online catalog of moving images
onedotzero - festival for desktop digital filmmaking

Digital Movies

Bulletins From The Front - list of digital films compiled by Next Wave Films
Russian Ark - Russian one-shot film by Alexander Sokurov
Die Augenfalle / The Eye-Trap - German short film shot on 35mm and 24p parallel
405 - FX short made on home PCs

Low Budget / Free Form

vog - a vog is dziga vertov with a mac and a modem
Dogme 95 - official website
Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minutes Film School - Good Morning Class!
microcinema - promoting and distributing the international moving image arts since 1996